There is hope for those with dementia, as well as those who care for and love them...

Everyone needs a sense of security and wellbeing. Those who are developing dementia, their care givers and loved ones are no exception. But all too often, it feels like we are robbed of that peace when dealing with dementia. As care givers, it can look like our wellbeing is directly connected to how well our loved one is doing, so we get trapped in a cycle of distress and struggle as the disease progresses. When those with dementia get lost in thoughts of fear, insecurity, and unease, it leads to exacerbated turmoil, and life just gets harder for everyone involved.


But a dementia diagnosis does not need to be so hopeless. There is good news. These patterns and cycles can be stopped, or greatly diminished, through seeing dementia, and ourselves, in a whole new way.

Judy Cornish, founder of the Dementia & Alzheimer's Wellbeing Network®, and Brianne Grebil, personal wellness coach, have teamed up to offer you something profoundly hopeful for you and your loved one.

Through an 8 week online program, Judy and Brianne want to help you gain a new understanding of dementia. Rather than focusing on the disease and what it takes away, Judy wants to show you how to see the human that remains, and what they keep. Through this, you can change your care giving skills to better meet your loved one where they are, and make life infinitely easier for you both. Brianne wants to show you how your own wellbeing and sense of center can stay in tact, regardless of how your loved one is doing. 



An 8 week highly experiential, life-changing program for a small group of people.

We will explore dementia in a fundamentally new way. Judy will teach you her proprietary DAWN® Method, which will help you support your loved one or client in ways that minimize the distress of losing rational thought and ease them through the stages of dementia with significantly less fear, anger, and frustration. Brianne will help you transform your relationship with things like stress, struggle and anxiety so you can walk this path with your loved one with more peace, ease, freedom, clarity and confidence.



April 20 - June 14, 2018
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Online! You can attend from anywhere in the world from your computer, smart phone or tablet.


We are happy to offer this "inaugural run" of the online program for only $125. (Future trainings will likely have a higher fee.)


Register before March 29th and receive an extra early bird discount - $25 off!

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Participants will be sent two videos every Friday for 8 weeks.

In one video, Judy will share the DAWN® Method for care giving, and in the other Brianne will share how you can remain centered through the process.

These videos can be watched at your own pace, and will be no more than 90 minutes total in length.


You will learn:

  • A beautiful and refreshing perspective on dementia that brings with it renewed hope, peace and calm.

  • A deeper understanding of what is lost with dementia, but more importantly what remains, so that you can adjust your care giving to focus on your loved ones strengths, making life easier and more enjoyable for you both.

  • How to have deep and beautiful experiences with your loved one, regardless of their level of cognitive ability.

  • How to find a deeper sense of peace while going through this journey with your loved one or client and reduce emotional distress.


self study program: $125
$100 if register before March 29

  • 8 week online DAWN® Program including:
    • Weekly DAWN® Method training videos, aimed at helping you develop more intuitive care giving skills. Through this training you will learn to recognize and respond to specific emotional needs caused by dementia, and be provided with tools and techniques for meeting those needs. (Detailed description of the training at bottom of page)
    • Weekly clarity and resilience videos aimed at helping you find peace, calm, and a deeper connection to yourself and your loved one or client, and ease the stress and strain of care giving.

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Meet your program facilitators

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Judy Cornish ( - Judy founded the Dementia & Alzheimer’s Wellbeing Network (DAWN). Through her hands-on work with dementia, she developed a proprietary method for working with people who have dementia—one that helps them develop and retain a sense of security and wellbeing. During the program, Judy will teach her method and focus on addressing the emotional distress that accompanies cognitive decline so that challenging behaviors are avoided and caregiver stress is minimized.



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Brianne Grebil ( – Brianne is a transformative life coach who helps people tap back in to their innate wellbeing – where we all have access to deeper clarity, profound peace and freedom, enhanced creativity and improved productivity. During the program, Brianne will focus on magnifying what it is within you that can handle any situation with ease and grace, so that you can reduce distress for yourself and better care for your loved one.



We hope you will join us...

In Judy's Words:

"At first, as I worked with my clients and grew to love them, I grieved for them and felt their futures were hopeless and unbearable. However, as I spent time with them, seeking ways to help them continue to find enjoyment in living, I discovered that we were both benefiting from experiencing the world on an intuitive level. You can do this, too. Join me in feeling hope, and in making life better for those who have dementia."

In Brianne's Words:

"When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers, I began dreading the moment she would not know who I was. When that moment finally came however, it was one of the most profoundly beautiful and deeply touching moments we have ever shared. In it, I saw that those kinds of moments are always on offer, that dementia does not take them away. It lifted a weight off my shoulders, and it would be a privilege for me to help you remove that weight as well."

The DAWN® Method Training:

Class #1: Dementia Care Overview

Understand the two very different approaches to working with people experiencing dementia (reality orientation and habilitation) and the person-directed care model. Recognize anosognosia and how it affects acceptance of care. Explore the losses caused by dementia from a care perspective. Begin to recognize the altered realities and emotional needs created by progressive cognitive impairment.

Class #2: Practicing Mood Management

Explore the importance of managing our own moods and those of people experiencing dementia. Learn how to manage your own mood to minimize stress in caregiving, and how to diagnose and respond to your loved one’s moods. Introduction of concepts such as brain chat and emotional tags.

Bonus: Find respite in the moment.

Class #3: Developing Security in Confusion

Learn more about our two very different thought processes, the intuitive and rational. Understand how the loss of rational thought affects your loved one’s ability to function in daily life. Explore nonverbal communication and emotional tags in detail and learn tools and techniques to help your loved one find peace and safety in confusion.

Bonus: Enjoy the morphine button effect.

Class #4: Developing Security in Care

Recognize the three prerequisites to teaching a loved one that s/he is safe in receiving care from others. Learn the areas in which caregivers can help their loved ones become able to accept direction and assistance. Understand how to impart a sense of team functioning and avoid the passivity that results from failure at mastery. 

Bonus: Reduced repetitive questioning.

Class #5: Giving Social Success

Learn to recognize the situations in which assistance will help your loved one avoid withdrawing and isolating. Learn to use and master the skill of managed conversation. Understand the importance of identifying and providing a blend of social stimulation that is appropriate for your loved one.

Bonus: Reduction in agitation, isolation, wandering.

Class #6: Giving a Sense of Control

Explore anosognosia in detail and how it affects your loved one’s need for control. Learn how to enhance your loved one’s ability to make decisions and develop his/her sense of control over body and life. Understand the power of catchphrases and how hiding the end goal can help your loved one feel less resistant to direction.

Bonus: Less desire for control.

Class #7: Giving a Sense of Value

Learn how to preserve and enhance your loved one’s sense of value and belonging. Understand techniques for communicating acceptance, respect, and admiration in your communications and interactions. Explore the importance of understanding and accepting altered realities. Learn ways to work with someone difficult to admire or love.

Bonus: Balancing safety and selfhood.

Class #8: Building a Secure Future

Review the previous six DAWN tools and how they help our loved ones develop a sense of security and wellbeing. Learn to identify and develop the security symbol your loved one has internalized, and its role in sustaining wellbeing. Understand the six stages that dementia presents from the perspective of changing needs and the increasing need for emotional support.

Bonus: Maximize ability to age in place.

Registration for this round of the program has now closed. To be notified when the next session begins, fill out the form below.